29 May 2007

Boulder Creek & Bee Hive update

Hello! :)
Yesterday (Memorial Day) was such a gorgeous day for a hike! We started out at Lake Mills near the dam and then hiked through the woods to the other end of the lake at Boulder Creek. Windy day!! Will make a webpage of the events soon and add them to our "Fun Links" at http://www.reimer-reason.com
Today is beautiful, as well... far too nice to be stuck at work! I had the afternoon off, though, and my younger son and I took a walk around the neighbourhood -- talking about the different plants, animals, and residential architecture along the way. When we got home, we saw a whole new cloud of activity around our bee hive in the backyard. The new baby bees have hatched and are out gathering pollen for the hive!! We opened up the hive to take a look, and sure enough, a bunch of the worker cells were now open and empty. We spied the queen, too, with her small spot of yellow paint on her back to help distinguish her from the others. She looked hard at work, so we closed the hive back up for another week. Not yet enough frames filled to put another "story" (super) onto the hive... will check again next week.


Happy House Quilts said...

that photo is breathtaking!!! I want to be there sketching and sewing!!! Looking good. The best advise is to look at other blogs and click on links that you like and sign up to get them too. It will all come with time. Be gentle and patient with yourself! Best wishes on a prosperous year!!!

Alpaca Granny said...

Super start for your blog. I will be coming back frequently to learn about the bees.